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“What does turf cleaning do…?”

1. Keeps Your Turf Sanitary and Safe 

2. Makes Your Turf Look Brand New Again

3. Extends the Lifespan of Your Turf

 Although Artificial Grass is super low maintenance, it’s not “zero maintenance”.  Think of it like an outdoor carpet, would you let your kids play on a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in years? To get the most out of your artificial grass, it’s important to stay on top of some very basic turf maintenance.

Our turf cleaning service was designed specifically to keep your turf sanitary, looking brand new and lasting longer with Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Yearly Maintenance Visits


Here’s our gift to you: a turf care guide you can print and keep for all the best practices of keeping your turf looking brand new!

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We want you to get the most out of your artificial grass and be able to enjoy it year-round with no sanitary concerns. In order to achieve this, we need to stay on top of four crucial cleanliness steps each year:


The first step is to blow off any light debris such as fallen leaves. Next we run the power broom, which penetrates deep into the grass blades to pull up any pine needles, pet hair or other debris, while revitalizing the grass blades to give it that “brand new” look again.




Our specialized Turf Cleaning machine will work deep into the thatch later of the turf to extract everything except the infill, while simultaneously applying a cleaning solution for a fresh, long lasting effect. We even added a magnetic strip to collect any potentially hazardous objects!


turf cleaning


Lastly, we apply a live enzymatic formula that keeps working until all odor causing bacteria has been eliminated. This step is especially important for dog owners!




The final step is to take care of any areas that may need repairs and increase the aesthetics. This could include a re-application of infill to revitalize the grass blades, removing any weeds or moss, or replacing a patch of turf that has melted from a hot object. We’ll do everything to make sure your yard is looking better than the day we installed it



Our Artificial Turf Maintenance service is for you if:

  • Your turf has not been professionally cleaned in the past 365 days
  • You have a dog that has done their “business” on the turf
  • You have children playing on the turf
  • You’re about to host a summer BBQ in the backyard
  • You enjoy walking on the turf in bare feet

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Q: When is the best time of year to have my turf cleaning done?

A: Ideally once in November after the leaves have fallen, and again in the springtime to have it looking brand new again for your backyard BBQ’s! We can also give your grass a quick powerbroom before your next big party. Dog owners usually opt to have the sanitation service done on a quarterly basis.

Q: What kind of rake can I use to gather up the leaves?

A: We recommend using lawn rakes with plastic tines, as these will do no damage to the grass blades or the backing of the turf

Q: How Much Does this Service Cost?

A: Turf Cleaning Service starts at $200/visit for a smaller Vancouver yard, and goes up with size and distance from Vancouver. We also offer a discounted rate for clients that sign on for regular service. Click the button to receive an instant quote on your lawn.

Q: How do I remove moss from my putting green or turf?

A: This can be a tricky battle once the moss has taken over, but the best way to eliminate moss is by aggressively power-brooming the surface and apply some moss-remover or vinegar water. Moss is caused by retained moisture in the turf, especially with south-facing yards. For moss growing in the tallerer artificial grass, we recommend using a fork to pick out the moss… or we do this for you within the turf cleaning service. 

Q: Do I need to replace the infill of my turf?

A: Almost never! Once the infill goes in, it never really comes out unless the wrong kind of vacuum is used on the turf. Some dog-owners like to top up their zeolite deodorizer infill every couple of years, but when your turf was installed, we applied 1.5-2 lbs/square foot.

Q: I accidentally burned a patch of my turf, is it possible to fix?

A: Yes! When we completed your project, we left a small piece of “repair turf” with you, that matches the exact same dye lot. Just give us a call and one of our repair technicians will seamlessly blend in a new piece!

Q: What happens if I spill something on the turf?

: No worries! If hosing off the area doesn’t work, you can use any hold-house cleaning products. If it’s a paint spill, we may have to replace that patch with the repair piece, or you might be able to cut the affected turf blades with a pair of scissors.

Q: What happens if I don’t clear off all the leaves after the fall?

A: Over time, the organic debris can provide the nutrients for weeds to grow on your turf. Most of the time, these weeds are easy to pull out because the roots are shallow, but spraying weed killer is also effective, and will do no harm to the turf.

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