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Interlocking Paving Stones

High-End Patios, Walkways and Driveways in Vancouver

Turf Team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and materials in Landscape/Hardscape design . We focus on creating low-maintenance and unique outdoor spaces that get a “WOW” reaction. Whether they’re used for walkways, patios or driveways, modern paving stones provide a stylish and practical solution for any outdoor living space. With the advancements in technology and production processes, interlocking paving stones offer an ever-widening range of options and features, making it easier than ever to find the perfect paving stones for your needs.

How Do I Ensure That I Have a High-Quality Installation?

Base Preperation

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built to last, using paving stones! In other words, the foundation takes time to build, but once complete it should last forever. The base preparation is the first and arguable the most crucial step in ensuring a long-lasting patio, driveway or walkway installation. Ensuring proper base depth, compaction and grading will lead to a long-lasting paving stone installation that will host countless outdoor gatherings over the years.

Paving Stone Patterns

Did you know paver patterns are for more than just aesthetics? An interlocking pattern will help distribute load more horizontally across other paving stones as weight is applied. This makes these types of patterns an ideal solution for areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Contact your sales rep to receive a free catalog outlining all the possible patterns for your project.

Permeable Paving

As drainage issues are a concern for many homeowners, permeable paving is becoming an increasingly popular solution for outdoor living spaces in Vancouver. This type of paving allows water to flow through the surface, reducing the risk of puddling and flooding while improving water filtration. In addition to its practical benefits, permeable paving also enhances the overall appearance of outdoor spaces. With its ability to manage water, permeable paving is a smart choice for a city like Vancouver that experiences frequent rainfall. The city has also implemented green initiatives that promote the use of permeable paving.

Design/Build Consultation

Finally, if your investment in paving stones is going to last for decades to come, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve picked the right design with the right base prep with the right materials. During your consultation with Turf Team Landscaping, you will be presented with a variety of design options to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.


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