Golf Simulator Pricing


If you’re looking to have a golf simulator installed here in Vancouver, you will want to budget for something in the range of $25K – $70K (with the average around ~$40K). I realize that is a pretty wide range, so let’s explore the variable costs and considerations that go into a typical indoor golf simulator:

1. The Room

first you need to decide where the simulator will be housed. Typically for residential applications that will be in the garage or basement (if you have tall ceilings). The absolute minimum dimensions of the room should be 12’ L, 10’W and 10’H but obviously the bigger, the better. Each brand of simulator has specific requirements, so be sure to check with them first. Another option is to build out a shed in the backyard, however this will likely involve permits and a budget north of $100K. One other consideration in choosing the room is the loud noise from hitting golf balls.

2. The Technology

this is where you will need to do the most research. A recreational golfer will have different needs than a tour pro, but generally you get what you pay for. Trackman and Foresight are top brands from our experience and each has different models depending on what you’re looking for. You can also purchase individual golf courses to play on the simulator via a software download. Consult with the reps to get more information on the tech itself which includes the launch monitor, projector, cameras, screen, etc.

3. Extras

This includes everything else such as the impact screen, netting, artificial turf, putting green, a bar, seating, etc. You may want to try Googling Golf Simulator Ideas or check out Pinterest for some inspiration. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget

4. Logistics of the Installation

One other thing to take into consideration is the logistics of how we can pull this off. For example, it will be much easier to bring in heavy materials on the ground floor versus climbing stairscases. You will also want to ensure you have the proper power outlets set up, proper lighting, etc. Consult with a Turf Team professional to learn more.

In summary, if you’re a recreational golfer looking for a cost-efficient approach, you can still get a great set up for ~$30K, however for serious golfers we do recommend investing in the top technology so you can get true feedback just like the pros. For that we would suggest a starting budget of $40K+

If you’re in the greater Vancouver area and are looking for any further assistance on building your simulator, we have great relationships with the major brands and would be happy to help!

Just send us an email at

This particular simulator install ran about $43K which features the GC Quad from Foresight as well as an indoor putting green If you would like to try it out for yourself please send us an email.


In case you haven’t heard of it yet, PuttView Technology is the future of golf instruction and putting practice. Before I begin to explain it, let me show you with a photo:

Essentially, it is software that displays visual data on your putting green via an overhead projector. Using an ipad, you can control over 100 different types of visual cues, practice drills, and games. With endorsements from professionals such as Tiger Woods, John Rahm, Byson Dechambeau and many more, this technology does come with a premium price tag as you would expect:

PuttView X Outdoor (Augmented Reality via Microsoft Hololens glasses): From $21K*

PuttView Indoor (Custom Scan up to 270 square feet): From $32K*

PuttView Indoor (Custom Scan up to 540 square feet): From $42K*

Pre-tax prices shown in CAD as of 2023. Please check out the PuttView Canada website for updated pricing.

The prices shown above include the installation of the technology and projection screen. If you do not already have an indoor putting green, this would be additional and typically starts around $10K. If you do not already have an iPad or designated computer, you will want to factor this in as well.

Who is this for? PuttView is ideal for PGA tour pro, teaching professionals, golf clubs, golf academies, sports bars or avid golfers with the means to throw down $30K+. It pairs perfectly with a golf simulator and is a must-have for the ultimate golf Man/Lady-Cave!

Interested in learning more or getting a quote? If you live in BC, Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, Turf Team can help to get you set up! Fill out the form on our website to submit an inquiry and we look forward to bringing you the best putting technology that money can buy!

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