Putting Green Pricing


outdoor Putting Greens

We have installed backyard putting greens for as little as $4K, as much as $105K and everything in between! If you are wondering how much to budget for your own outdoor green, you come to the right place…

The following is a list of the most important variables that should be aware of, and how they will impact the final investment of your putting green:

1. The Dimensions of the green

It’s important to keep in mind that artificial grass and putting turf only comes in 15’ wide rolls. (A full roll is 15×90’ and can be cut to any desired length). Therefore it will be most cost-effective to install within multiples of 15’. Each additional piece however, adds a seam to your green and this adds more labour and these may be barely noticeable as there is zero margin of error in a putting green seam. The average putting green we install is around 15×20’ which is big enough for 4 cups/flags.

2. The Fringe around the green

The fringe is simply the layer of longer artificial grass that surrounds the putting green. On a real golf course, there is one layer of shorter “fairway grass” and then a layer of longer “rough” grass. Going with the 2 layers of fringe looks amazing aesthetically, however there is double the labour involved. Also because the turf rolls come in a rectangle shape, the bigger the curves, the more turf that will be required to account for un-reusable cutoff pieces. 

3. The grade of materials

Not all turf is created equal, especially when it comes to putting turf. I have another blog post here on the 3 different grades of putting turf. To keep things simple, the more realistic the appearance and performance, the more you can expect to spend. The less expensive materials are perfectly fine for the occasional recreational golfer, but to a pro golfer realistic performance is everything.

Logistics of the Installation

One other thing to take into consideration is the logistics of how we pull this off. A backyard putting green will require a drainage base to be constructed which means transporting several tonnes of material back and forth from the street or lane. This becomes much more labour intensive when we have limited access to the area or if the property is on a slope. It helps if we can get our machine excavator in the yard which need a 3’4” wide clearance.

To give you a visual reference, here is what these clients paid for their backyard greens:

15×11’ basic green with 3 cups/flags: $4135

5×22’ green with fairway/rough layers and difficult access: $8174

30×50’ green with bunker, 6 cups/flags and one layer of fringe: $29,180

Indoor putting greens

Here in Vancouver, it can be difficult to keep your putting sharp during the off-season. . . So why not bring the putting green indoors!

You may be wondering how much an indoor putting green costs, but that really depends. You can spend as little as $200 or as much as $60,000 and everything in between. Let’s break down your options and the variables involved:

1. The Size of the green

One thing to keep in mind is that the rolls of putting turf only come in a 15’ wide roll (and any length). So a simple 15×4’ mat might be all you need for your home office, but most indoor golf academies we do are closer to 15×30’. The first step is to measure the dimensions of your room and determine what the ideal size would be. As you’ll see below, an indoor green can range anywhere from $13/sq ft up to $150/sq ft depending on the following variables:

2. The sub-surface

Sure, you can just roll the turf out on the floor like a carpet and have an instant putting surface, however it gets trickier when we need to add cups or undulations to the indoor green. In order to sink a cup in the ground, we either need to build it up with something or in some cases with concrete floors, we can core a hole into the ground. The highest performing sub-surface is a product called “Tour Links”, which is a panel system that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Although it’s the mostly costly option, it provides the truest roll of the ball which is essential for high-level players. Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for…

3. The add ons

For larger spaces it may make sense to add a layer of fringe, a chipping pad or even a turf bunker! Our favourite addition is the Putt-View technology which is used by all the top tour players (Tiger Woods, Bryson Dechambeau, etc.). If you’re able to fork out $20K+ this is the coolest golf technology that money can buy, just check out their instagram page @puttview. Anything you can dream up, we can probably make it happen for the right price 🙂

So there you have it, and here are some reference photos at different price points. To get a customized quote, simply reach out to us at info@turfteamlandscaping.com

15×50’ indoor green with undulations, bunker, fairway and rough: ~$22K

15×30’ indoor green with undulations and chipping area: ~$12K

15×20’ Green with PuttView Technology: ~$40K

15×3.5’ Putting Strip: ~$250