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As landscapers, we understand the difficulties of maintaining a perfect lawn year-round...


But could you imagine having a gorgeous green lawn without wasting any more time and money on maintenance?


Allow Turf Team to transform your yard into a maintenance-free oasis for decades to come!

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Artificial Turf: The Perfect Lawn Care Solution

Tired of wasting time and money on your lawn year after year with weak results?


With an affordable one-time investment in Artificial Turf, you will never have to spend another dollar (or minute) maintaining your lawn!


With the unpredictable Vancouver climate, lack of sunlight, or the recent infestation of the Chafer Beetle, your lawn may need a fresh start.

Turf Team has you covered with the finest quality products in the industry that look and feel just like natural grass.


Imagine your beautiful new, usable yard space that requires absolutely no maintenance!


With our 10 year warranty, you will actually save a ton of money in the long term! Learn How

No more mowing, watering or on-going expenses for this happy homeowner!

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