Turf CLeaning Pricing


Turf Cleaning is a relatively new industry that has really been picking up in demand since the beginning of the 2020 Covid Pandemic. As everyone is learning to navigate this new world, the importance of cleanliness and sanitation is here to stay. Instinctively, most people assume that artificial grass is “zero-maintenance”, but that’s like saying you never have to vacuum your carpets or sweep the floors! 

Many of our clients love walking on the turf in bare feet or have their children and/or pets play on the turf constantly. The truth is, you can’t really see all the dirt, debris, hair and other gross bacteria that accumulates on your turf over time. It’s pretty much invisible to the naked eye, but if we showed you what our cleaning machine extracts from your lawn, you would be astonished! 

I recently invested in a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner for my home. It goes on every single day and I’m always amazed at how dirty the floors get in just 24 hours! (Side note; you can actually set your roomba to vacuum your putting green too!) I’m not saying you need to deep clean your turf every day, but at least a couple times per year will keep it sanitary enough to use. Think of our turf cleaning service like the outdoor version of getting your carpets cleaned. So how much does turf cleaning actually cost and what’s included?

Let’s start with the 3 main variable costs:

Total square footage

The larger the area, the more labor and cleaning supplies required

Proximity to Vancouver

We are based in Vancouver and need to factor in drive time and gas

How long it’s been since your last turf maintenance

A lawn that we cleaned 3 months ago is going to be much faster than one that has been neglected for 3 years

In general, most average-size Vancouver lots will start around $250/visit and we offer discounts for doing semi-annual and quarterly plans. If you have pets using the turf as their bathroom, you’ll definitely want the quarterly schedule (4 visits/year). So for most residential yards, we suggest budgeting $250 – $1000/year to keep your turf clean and sanitary.

Our turf cleaning service includes the following: 

  • Powerbrooming
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Repairs and Aesthetic Touch Ups
  • Sanitization and Deodorization

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