Q: hOW LONG will my TURF LAST?

A: We only use top quality artificial grass products from reputable manufacturers.  Most products carry a 10 year warranty, but any artificial lawn, putting green or turf patio installed by Turf Team should last 20+ years as long as its properly taken care of.

Q: will the color of my turf fade in the sun?

A: No, our artificial turf products are designed to withstand UV rays without fading. This is covered in the manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.

Q: will my turf get hot in the summer?

A: No, our artificial lawns, putting greens and patios do not heat up like you may have experienced on artificial turf sports fields, as we use a specialized cooling infill. With improvements in artificial grass blade technology combined with zeolite infill, artificial grass will keep cool during those hot summer days up to 30 degrees. Additionally, it can easily be cooled off with a quick watering from your hose or sprinklers.

Q: is artificial turf dog friendly?

A: Yes, in fact dogs love the feel of artificial turf. Artificial turf eliminates hole digging and muddy paws after a rainy day. Our deodorizing infill neutralizes the ammonia smell, and urine drains right through. When you dog goes to the bathroom, simply scoop up the waste and hose the area down like it never even happened!

 Q: is the turf safe for my kids?

A: Yes, in fact artificial turf is less harmful than regular grass, as it requires no fertilizers or pesticides. Turf provides a soft surface for your kids to play on; and for playground use, we can install an extra layer of foam padding underneath. We also use child-friendly, organic infill materials unlike those toxic rubber pellets found in turf soccer fields.

Q: does My Turf require any maintenance?

A: Although turf is very low-maintenance its not “zero-maintenance.” Think of your turf like an outdoor carpet. Over time, it can collect dirt, debris, hair and other bacteria. At the very least, it’s important to blow off any leaves and debris to prevent the possibility of weeds growing. In addition, the turf should be power-broomed, vacuumed* and sanitized once or twice per year. We offer these maintenance services after fall, and just before spring.

*If using a vacuum, make sure not to suck up any of the infill! We use a special adjustable carpet cleaner to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Q: How long will my installation take?

A: That depends on the size of the area we are working on, and other variables such as access to the yard, the slope of the site and whether or not an irrigation system is present. Installing a typical Vancouver backyard of 400 square feet can be easily completed in 2 days, while putting greens will usually take 3-5 days. Additionally, heavy rain may delay projects during the final infill stage.

Q: is artificial turf really expensive?

A: While it is a much larger up-front cost than natural grass, artificial grass actually pays itself off in the long run. The definition of “expensive” is when the price exceeds the value provided. The value of artificial grass is that you and your family can enjoy your yard 365 days a year without wasting time, money, or water on maintenance… Consider paying $200/month on lawn care (mowing, power raking, aerating, over-seeding, fertilizing, edging & watering). That adds up to nearly $12,000 over 5 years! So is it really that expensive after all…? Fill out the form below to get your free estimate!

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