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our mission

To provide homeowners with low-maintenance landscaping solutions

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Client Relationship & Networking

We understand the importance of exceptional customer service, open communication, and long-lasting relationships.

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Quality Craftsmanship

We take no shortcuts to ensure that your investment will last for decades decades to come…

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Timely Completion

Our team works efficently so you can start enjoying the yard sooner!

our story

“The idea to launch Turf Team came in the summer of 2017 when two high-school friends discovered their shared passion for landscaping and business. Shortly after, both friends set out on their entrepreneurial journey, creating a business plan and prototypes.

After creating and analyzing an extensive list of potential names, Turf Team was the one that stood out. We embrace the “Team” element,  by operating as a cohesive unit of hard-working & motivated teams.

Our logo is simple, but we hope that one day it becomes a benchmark symbol in landscaping and artificial grass installation. The colours green and blue are meant to match our hometown hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. The green square representing our commitment to protecting the environment, while the blue represents trust and customer service.

how we got started

The idea to create a landscaping company started in the Summer of 2017, while we were working with different landscaping crews. With our combined passion, experience and education, we recognized a unique opportunity in our local community.

Given Vancouver’s unpredictable climate with intense summer droughts, rain, the recent infestation of the Chafer Beetles, and soaring real estate valuations, we noticed how valuable a perfect lawn and landscape could be to homeowners in our city. We set out to find solutions, and provide a superior landscaping services for our customers.

By January 2018, we (Jackson Thornley and Julian Li-Brubacher) decided to turn our dream into a reality. It all started with the purchase of our beloved 2001 Ford F-150 and some tools and equipment from our garage.

After years of extremely hard work, we’ve sourced a skilled team guided by efficient systems to deliver outstanding services to our clients. We are Turf Team!

The owners

Turf Team was founded by two local University student and Point Grey Secondary Graduates. Fueled by their passion for landscaping and business, the two young owners decided to pool their resources, knowledge and experience to create a unique local business.




Julian is a long-time member of the Dunbar Community, and has is BCom degree specializing in service management at The Gustavson School of Business. Julian is also a Point Grey Secondary graduate and honor roll recipient, who competed on the snowboard race team. Julian started his landscaping career at age 13. He started mowing lawns in his community by going around his neighborhood with a wagon and a manual push mower. From there, Julian went on to work for established landscaping companies where he gained his knowledge of the trade before starting Turf Team. “Going to work each day and seeing young hard workers brought together through Turf Team is an unbelievable feeling. As much as I love seeing the business grow, it’s a huge boost to see our employees develop by gaining responsibilities and life skills.”




Jackson grew up in the Dunbar Community, playing on countless sports teams, where he learned about the value of teamwork and what it takes to perform at elite levels. Jackson went on to play on the Varsity Golf Team at UBC, where he graduated with a background in Psychology and Business. Driven by a passion for golf and landscape design, Jackson has contructed over 40+ custom putting greens and installed over 100,000 square feet of artificial grass in every application. “Starting this company at such a young age has taught me more about life and business than university ever could. I am motivated by overcoming challenges, and had to learn many lessons the hard way (my own trail and error). I love being an entrepreneur and watching the business grow each year! I probably spend close to 12 hours/day working, and finding new ways to improve, but to me it doesn’t feel like work at all because its driven by a passion…”

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