Artificial Grass for Sale in Vancouver: Where to buy turf in Vancouver

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If you are looking to buy a full piece or scrap piece of artificial grass in Vancouver, you are in the right place, please read on! If you are looking for assistance with an artificial grass installation, please click here to connect with a helpful human.

After being in the industry nearly a decade now, I have seen many different types of turf and unique applications for artificial grass. Regardless of how you plan on using your turf, there are a few basics you should know about buying turf that will impact your purchase decision:

  • new turf rolls only come in a 15′ width and can be cut to any length (ex. You can order a 15×19′ piece, but if you want a 10×19′ piece, you have to buy the whole 15×19′)
  • some companies such as Turf Team occasionally sell off-cut pieces at a discount, but you will have to come check out our available inventory… we do not sell custom size off-cuts. For custom sizes, you will likely need to buy in a 15′ width
  • there are different styles of artificial turf for different applications. Determine your use for this turf ahead of time so that a turf expert can get you the right product. (ex. putting greens use a special “short pile” turf which is very different than a typically landscape turf)
  • if you are picking up the turf you will need a truck or vehicle with a roof rack that can support a 15′ long roll of turf. You will also need rachet straps rated for the weight that you are carrying. Most turf weighs 0.5lbs per square foot, so a 15×20′ piece (300 sqft) will weigh about 150 lbs. At Turf Team headquarters, we have a forklift to load you up, but you will need a couple helpers on the other end for bigger pieces! Local delivery is also available for an extra charge
  • the price and quality of artificial grass has a wide range here in Vancouver. Generally speaking, the turf that is manufactured in China will be cheaper and lower quality compared to the slightly more expensive, higher quality products that are made in the USA. Be skeptical of any turf below $3 per square foot unless it’s an off-cut piece on sale

In our experience when it comes to turf in Vancouver, you get what you pay for! Don’t expect the cheap stuff to look real and last forever like the higher quality products…

So where can I buy artificial grass in Vancouver?

1. Local Turf Installation Companies:

A quick search in Google maps will pull up a handful of such turf companies in Vancouver. I can’t speak for the quality, prices or level of service elsewhere so feel free to call around, but selling quality turf with 5-star service is exactly what we do here at Turf Team!

2. Landscaping Supply Stores:

Local Landscape supply stores like BC Brick, Northwest Landscape Supply and BURNCO Landscape Centers can be excellent sources for artificial grass. They typically offer Bella Turf products which are among the highest quality turf that is made in China. These stores are great place to find cheap off-cuts, but just know, that these supply stores are “middlemen” who are adding their margin into the price. If want to skip the middleman and buy directly from the source, click here to contact us.

3. Home Improvement Stores:

Large home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Costco and Lowe’s often stock small patches of low-quality artificial grass. Unfortunately they charge high-quality prices for low-quality products. These big conglomerate stores are NOT where you want to be buying your turf from!

4. Online Retailers:

For a wide range of choices and convenience, online sites such as Amazon and Wayfair, offer artificial grass in smaller pieces as well.  Be sure to read reviews and check product specifications before making a decision.

5. Local Classifieds and Marketplace:

Occasionally you can find a great turf deal on Craigslist or Marketplace, but usually you will only get this from an individual or legitimate turf installation company selling their scrap pieces. We have seen plenty of “catfishing” posts in which they steal photos from our website or instagram and use them to sell their cheap plastic grass from China. Once again, do your research ahead of time and give us a call if you need any help with buying turf (even if it’s not from us!)

When customers buy artificial grass from us, they are typically using it for:

  • patios, balconies, rooftop terraces, decks
  • dog-friendly areas (contact us for more information on how to make your turf dog-friendly)
  • putting greens or bocce courts
  • golf simulators
  • hitting mats for golf courses or driving range nets
  • soft play surface for children
  • for lawns and landscapes
  • and more!

In conclusion, artificial grass is an excellent investment for Vancouver homeowners and businesses, no matter how they use it! Be sure to reference this article and do “your homework” before making a substantial investment in a piece of artificial turf. If you have any questions, the friendly folks at Turf Team are here to help!

For turf pickups our warehouse is located in South Vancouver near Main Street. and Kent Ave. please call 604-366-8337 for more information…

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