Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does artificial turf last?

A: We used the highest quality turf available, which stays looking perfect for 20+ years! Our products from Bella Turf are durable enough to withstand daily use and never wear down.


Q: Will the colour of the turf fade in the sun?

A: No, the product can handle extreme UV rays from the sun without ever fading!


Q: Is it dog friendly?

A: Yes, in fact dogs love the feel of artificial turf, plus they cannot dig holes in it or bring their muddy paws back in the house! With our special odor-free infill, urine drains away without any smell and if your dog poops, simply scoop it up and hose the area down like it never happened!


Q: Does the turf get scorching hot in the summer?

A: No, although artificial turf does not have the same cooling properties as natural grass, our zeolite infill will keep it cool and it can easily be cooled off with a quick watering from your hose or sprinklers.


Q: Is it safe for my kids?

A: Absolutely! Artificial Turf is very soft for your kids to play on; for playground use we install an extra layer of padding underneath. Additionally, artificial turf is safer than real grass because there is no need to apply harmful fertilizers or pesticides.


Q: Does it require any maintenance?

A: No, this is the best part! If you would like to clear off any leaves and debris, simply use a leaf blower or give us a call to do it for you. If you place heavy objects on the turf, over time the grass fibers may get bent over, but again just give us a call to re-infill and powerbrush the turf so it looks brand-new again!


Q: How long does the installation take?


A: That depends on the size of the area we are working on, and other factors such as access to the yard, the slope of the site and whether or not an irrigation system is present. Installing 1,000 ft/sq will take 3-5 days while putting greens take 4-7 days. Additionally, heavy rain may delay projects during the infill stage.


Q: Is Artificial Turf Expensive?


A: Considering the value provided, artificial turf is  inexpensive in the long run. Consider paying $200/month on landscaping and lawncare. That adds up to nearly $10,000 over 4 years. For less than that, you can have a stunning landscape with zero maintenance cost for 20+ years! You can't afford not to make the switch! See Prices






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