Our Mission: No More Emissions


At Turf Team, our mission is to provide the local community with environmentally-sensitive solutions for all landscaping needs. By using non-polluting, electric equipment we are reducing the industry's carbon footprint one lawn at a time!


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Running a traditional gas-powered lawn mower for just one hour emits air pollution equivalent to driving a car 650 miles.


With the gas prices continuing to rise, we are passing the savings on to you. In addition to the environmental benefits, our equipment is 50% quieter than our gas-powered competitors. Both you and your neighbors will enjoy the peace and quiet while we work.


The founders of Turf Team have lived in Vancouver their entire lives and are dedicated to keeping our city as green as possible! Join the movement and protect your community from unnecessary pollution!







Unmatched Customer Service


With extensive backgrounds in the customer service industry, our professionals are devoted to providing you the best experience possible.


We establish lasting relationships with each of our clients to ensure your satisfaction is always exceeded. We never leave a job site until the homeowner is 100% happy with our work.


We also believe in the importance of networking and establishing real connections with our clients, which is why we are happy to offer discounts and incentives to customers who help us grow through referrals and recommendations.


Don't take our word for it, Read What our Customers are Saying.


Our Non-Polluting Electric Lawnmowers

Mr. Thomas Kennedy

"Not only was I impressed with their craftsmanship and overall expertise, but they were open to my customization and took time to educate me through the installation process"

Our Story


The idea to launch Turf Team came in the summer of 2017 when two high-school friends discovered their shared passion for landscaping and business. Shortly after, we set out the entrepreneurial journey, creating prototypes and a business plan.


In such a competitive industry, we knew we had to differentiate ourselves. It was clear that we needed to introduce battery-powered electric equipment to the industry for its environmental benefits.


After creating and analyzing an extensive list of potential names, Turf Team was the one that stood out. We embrace the "team" element, by operating as one cohesive unit of hard-working, motivated friends. 


Our logo is simple, but we hope that one day it becomes a benchmark symbol in landscaping and artificial grass installation. The colours green and blue are meant to match our hometown hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. The green square represents our commitment to protecting the environment, while the blue represents our passion for business and customer service.

Team Team Landscaping Ltd.

Est. March 16th, 2018

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