The Installation Process:

Step 1: The Consultation

Turf Team takes great pride in customer service and satisfaction. When you book a free consultation, our experts will offer advice and answer any questions you may have. We will arrive with Turf samples and help you choose the right product and design for your yard. After taking measurements, creating a Turf plan and completing our safety checklist, (such as locating irrigation and gas lines) we are ready to begin your installation!

Step 2: Supplies and Preparation

Now that we have your customized Turf plan, we place an order with our Turf supplier and do some calculations to quantify the necessary supplies and materials for the job. We do this to minimize cut-offs and wasted supplies, which saves you money! Next, we schedule, coordinate and inform our team for maximum efficiency. We are now ready for some good ol' physical labour!


Step 3: Lawn Tear-Out and Drainage Base

While this isn't the most fun part of the job, its one of the most important! In order to install the Turf, we must tear out the existing lawn up to 4" below the original surface. This is often done by hand with shovels, or with excavating Machinery in larger jobs. We haul the torn-up lawn into a disposal bin, and simultaneously bring wheelbarrows of Road Base Gravel in the the yard. The Gravel Base provides excellent drainage for your Turf which is very important in our rainy climate. Once perfectly laser-leveled, we compact the road base with a plate tamper, and now for the fun part!

Step 4: The Turf Installation

Next, we bring in the Turf which comes rolled up like a carpet. With some very careful maneuvering, we line up the Turf rolls, spike them down into the base, and begin cutting the perimeter with absolute precision. This is where we take our time to ensure every edge of your Turf is cut to perfection. Now we are ready for the finishing touches to make your Turf look and feel just like real grass!

Step 5: Infill the Turf

The Final step to creating your new Artificial Lawn is called the infill. Depending on how the Turf will be used, we brush sand or specialized materials into the Turf to stand the grass fibres up like real grass. We use power brooms to help blend this layer of sand invisibly into the Turf. The additional benefit of this, is that is provides a layer of padding to soften the Turf, as well as to help weight it down. After we repeat this process again and clean everything up, your yard will look amazing. Here's the best part... it will look this way for the next 20+ years with zero maintenance!

Step 6: The Follow Up

Turf Team offers a variety of payment methods and financing options to suit your needs. After the job is finished, you won't be needing us again for decades, but we value our customer relationships more than anything. One of the greatest lessons we have learned in this Business is the power of great customer service and networking. We like to stay connected with our customers, and go that extra step to follow up and see how you are enjoying the new landscape! If you loved our services, help us out by telling your friends, family and neighbors! Thanks for supporting Turf Team and Enjoy your new lawn!

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