Landscaping Services

Turf Team strives to provide the most environmentally-sensitive solutions for all your landscaping needs.

Want to save time and money on lawncare equipment? Our maintenance services include mowing, edging and clean-up with quiet, non-polluting, electric equipment.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Aeration is a critical part of any healthy lawn and should be done each spring and fall. Aeration promotes stronger root growth and gives the soil easier access to water and oxygen. 

Deep Core Aeration

Nothing revives a garden bed like fresh bark mulch! The scent is very pleasant, and the rich colour will surely compliment all plants and flowers. Bark mulch helps to absorb moisture and prevent weeds.

Bark Mulch Installation

Who has the time to spend hours on weeding and maintaining the garden each week? We do! Allow Turf Team to keep your garden beds, plants and flowers looking brand new.

Garden Maintenance

An essential step to a healthy lawn, power raking removes the layer dead grass and debris from your lawn. This should be done prior to aeration, applying fertilizer or new grass seed.

Power Raking

A retaining wall can be the simplest, yet most effective way to showcase your favorite plants and flowers. Retainers also contain the soil and roots to create a nice, defined garden bed.

Retaining Walls

Hedge trimming can be a difficult, dangerous, and very time-consuming task. Our experts can maintain your hedges with precision, no matter the shape or size!

Hedge Trimming

Pressure washing can make just about anything look brand new again! Over time, dirt and moss accumulate on decks, walls, fences, sidewalks, paving stones, fountains and much more. 

Pressure Washing

If you need a brand new lawn, Turf Team has you covered! We buy or sod from local turf farms and can often have it installed on the same day!

Sod Installation

All-Electric Landscaping and Maintenance

Weekly Electric Lawn Mowing

  • From $99/month

  • Includes full yard clean up


Basic Package: From $149 / Month

  • Weekly Services

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Edging

  • Raking and Weeding

  • Driveway & Sidewalk Clean up


Premium Package: From $219 / Month

  • Weekly Services

  • Includes full Basics Package

  • Garden Bed Weeding and Raking

  • Redefining Garden Bed Edges

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Shrub Pruning


Full Summer Pro Package: From $999

  • Full Weekly Premium Service for 4 Months

  • May, June, July & August

  • Includes Deep Core Aeration

  • Organic Fertilizer Application


Organic Lawn Boost Package: From $249

  • Deep Core Aeration

  • Power Raking (if necessary)

  • Organic Lime Application

  • Organic Fertilizer Application


Eco-friendly Leaf Raking and Removal

  • $10.00/ Tarp (6x6ft)

  • Hand-Rake and Electric Leaf Blower

  • we use 100% Bio-Degradable Compost Bags

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