How We Got Started

The idea to create a landscaping company started in the summer of 2017, while the Turf Team owners were working with different landscaping crews. With our combined passion, experience and business education, we recognized a unique opportunity in our local community. Given Vancouver's unpredictable climate and the recent infestation of the Chafer beetle, Local homeowners are looking for solutions to restore their lawn or perhaps increase their property value. We set out to find these solutions, and provide a superior landscaping service for our customers. In January 2018, owners Jackson Thornley and Julian Li-Brubacher decided to turn their dream into a reality. It all started with the purchase of our beloved 2001 Ford F150 Pickup and some tools and equipment from our garage. After just 5 months of extremely hard work and some help along the way, we have constructed a solid business model and assembled an outstanding group of young, determined landscapers... the Turf Team.

Turf Team's Opening Day: April 22nd, 2018

Team Team Landscaping Ltd.

Est. March 16th, 2018

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